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We've moved to Tembagapura in Papua, Indonesia (Papua is the half of New Guinea that used to be called Irian Jaya).

Sunset over Tembagapura.

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my web page. Use the links below to see the rest of my site. Most of what you will find are pictures, except in the Foxboro I/A system page, but that is really what I put this together for in the first place.

I use Mozilla Firefox 0.9.2 with an 1024x768 screen and 16 bit color. If you notice problems using another browser, please let me know!

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White Dot Kitco Gold Prices (chart)
White Dot Neat boat building plans
White Dot Dudly Dix Yacht Design
White Dot Kinross Gold Corporation Home Page
White Dot 3D Animated Flags--By Crames Studios, We Are 3DTM
White Dot Culinary Cafe' -- neat cooking site!

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Kitco gold graph

Yahoo Finance -- Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold Stock chart

Yahoo Finance -- Kinross Gold Stock chart

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