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    Sign up for the Foxboro DCS Mail List -- If you're reading this page you need to be on this mailing list!
    Post to the list -- for those days when I can't remember the address!
    Archive of Foxboro DCS Mail List -- hosted by Invensys, but not updated in quite a while. Registration is not necessary to view messages, but is helpful for customizing your view.

    The Cassandra Project -- Tools and utilities from the Foxboro user community.

    Angel E. Corbera's page -- scripts, tips and commands.

    Duc M. Do's page -- compilation of utilities -- if you don't already have it be sure to check out cpUtil at this site.

    Power User Group -- for the Utility Industry. They have a bulletin board and are working on a mailing list. They hope to have a yearly User Group Meeting.

    Foxboro I/A Gulf Coast Users Group info (hosted by Harris Automation Services, Inc.) -- minutes, meeting schedule, some nice articles and other info.

    Mid Atlantic Foxboro Users Group -- mailing list hosted by Coollist.

    Foxboro Spanish Users Group info -- Or contact Pedros Hernandez at for more information.

    SumanKumar's Web Page -- click on "SOLARIS COMMANDS" for a summary of some Solaris commands for Foxboro DCS.

    sci.engr.control -- Usenet forum on control via

    University of Exeter: PHY3128 -- Excellent presentation of feedback control.

    University of Edinburgh: Control HyperCourse -- A very well done control course available over the WWW with some excellent sample material available to anyone.

    Control Information from John Shaw -- PID tutorial, forum, tuning, etc...

    FAQ on PID controller tuning -- gleaned from usenet forums under sci.engr by Ronald E. Graham.

    STRAIGHT-LINE CONTROL CO., INC. -- Excellent, straight forward book on PID controller tuning. "PID Without the Math"

    Sun Freeware for Solaris -- Get all kinds of good freeware for your Solaris (Unix) system: PERL, Apache, etc.

    Sun online product documentation -- A very convenient supplement to your Sun Solaris documentation. Good search engine.

    The PERL page -- Hosted by O'Reilly, home of all things PERL, one of the most useful tools for quickly writing useful administrative programs for your system.

    IPS (Foxboro I/A) Customer Satisfaction Center -- helpful hints, "Ask Foxboro", CARs, Y2K, etc... You will need to register to use much of this site. -- Shop for new Foxboro parts and pieces. You will need to register to use this site.

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