Helpful Hints for Foxboro I/A

Here is some information I've found useful in working with our I/A system.

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    I am currently using I/A version 4.3 on 51B machines (Sun Sparcstation 5). Some of the following information (especially file locations) is different on other versions and platforms.

    How do you fix it when:

    Question - I'm using the report configurator from a Sun (Foxboro) X-Terminal. When I try to put text on the report (left mouse click) the cursor changes to the text entry rectangle, however as soon as I hit a key it just goes back to the mouse pointer (as if I hit return).
    Answer - Try turning NumLock off. We noticed this problem after upgrading from ver. 4.1 to 4.3.

    Question - I would like to use the various configurators (ICC, display builder, display configurator, etc.) on my PC running Hummingbird Exceed but information doesn't refresh after I have opened a window up over it.
    Answer - Run the Exceed's xconfig program. On it's opening menu, pick Performance. Make sure "Save Unders" is checked. Set "Maximum Backing Store" to "Always", set "Default Backing Store" to "When Mapped", and set "Minimum Backing Store" to "When Mapped". While things may not work exactly like they do on a regular X-Terminal, this should get you close enough to work.

    Where is it?

    Question - Where are the Open Windows tools?
    Answer - /usr/openwin/bin/{toolname}
    toolnames: audiotool, binder, calctool, cm(calender), clock, filemgr, iconedit, imagetool, mailtool, perfmeter, printtool, snapshot, tapetool, textedit, shelltool, cmdtool, admintool, etc...

    Question - Where is the file that launches I/A on my X-Terminals?
    Answer - /opt/ia/.profile (hidden)

    Question - Where is a list of my installed Quick Fixes?
    Answer - /opt/fox/sp/lastinst/QF_INFO

    Question - Where is d_edit (the Display Reporter and Connection Editor)?
    Answer - /usr/fox/wp/bin/tools/d_edit50

    Question - Where can I find copies of the Report Writer reports I have run?
    Answer - A copy of every report you have run (since the last time you cleaned these files out) is in /opt/fox/rptwrt/rpt_run/ under the sub-directory {report name}.prn filed by {date.time} Retrieving reports from here can be much more convenient than re-creating them if your printer had problems when the reports were sent originally.

    Question - Where is the list of user files to run when I/A starts after a reboot?
    Answer - /etc/fox/user_apps.dat

    Question - Where are my checkpoint files?
    Answer - /usr/fox/sp/files/DB{station name}.UC

    Question - Where are the historian utilities?
    Answer - /opt/fox/hstorian/bin

    Question - Where are my Alarm Manager definitions?
    Answer - /usr/fox/customer/alarms/cfg/

    Question - Where do I set the options (such as scrolling) for my VT100 window?
    Answer - With a VT100 window open, hold the right mouse button down until the "Term Pane" window opens up. You can enable scrolling and page mode there.

    Question - Where can I get information about my CP like Foxboro puts in the Foxwatch report?
    Answer - /opt/fox/bin/remote/tools/dbvu is the checkpoint inspection tool. Running this program without parameters will give you information and examples.

    Question - I want to modify my initial Display Manager display, where is it?
    Answer - /usr/custom/Initial_Disp

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